Kingdom Come

An underground, self-sustaining society that grows by coercing parents to give up their children, and is also planning the end of the world, is where Adam calls home.

Adam is a Rescuer, a man who takes children out of what he deems bad situations by convincing a parent to give them up. The children are taken to his underground world, where they are welcomed and raised by the Family and their leader, a man they call Father. After his latest mission, Adam learns Father is ready to trigger a catastrophic event that could end life above ground. In Father’s absence, Adam will lead the Family with the help of the two other Rescuers. Adam begins to have doubts about his beliefs as he learns what it takes to make their underground utopia thrive. In the end, Adam must decide if the above ground world is worth saving.

Available from Moonshine Cover Publishing.

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“In Kingdom Come, Nora Murray combines a parallel universe with brainwashing and shoves it deeply underground in our own world, in our own time. Readers will run on twisted paths alongside Adam and the well-intentioned followers of “Father”, as their meticulously put-together world falls apart and they are forced to face the reality of what they’ve done.” –Kathie Giorgio, author of The Home For Wayward Clocks and If You Tame Me

“Kingdom Come is the book we need in these chaotic times. Combining a wonderfully inventive world for escapism and a heartfelt look at what it truly means to believe in God and follow His words, this book is truly unique. The story is at times chilling in its realism, but that same realism is what makes the characters’ journey so heart-warming. This page-turner is a must-read!”Carrie Newberry, author of Pick Your Teeth With My Bones

“Murray writes a remarkable portrait of cult life through fantasy. Kingdom Come is deliciously disturbing.” – Julie Beekman, author of Two Trees, A Memoir